Opening is coming soon! Join to us!

It has been over a year since our service stopped working. Due to a series of unfortunate events our development team was forced to stop the work on the project. After a while, it was decided to close the project altogether since no solution was present and the project archive and user profiles were lost for the unknown reasons. The service was left with a good name and a group of dedicated users who are willing to invest their skills, time, and some money.

We will aim toward raising the well known and loved social network to a whole new level. Our aspirations are to realize the original plans for the service as well as to add new convenient features. In our plans is to add the ability to comment for users of Facebook, VK, and Google+, in addition to Twitter users! We will not be making any radical changes to the site policies, but we are working on maximizing service convenience and quality.

Do you have any interesting suggestions, or you want to offer your help to the project? We will welcome any participation! Please contact us by e-mail: info@WHATDOYOUTHINKOF.ME

Sincerelly yours,
WhatDoYouThinkOf.Me team